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Stepan Hovakimyan is accused of organizing and executing theft by 3rd part 38 article and 1st paragraph 3rd part article 177 criminal code of Armenian Republic on January 10th of 2010 in Moscow Theater with his friend Vahram Kerobyan. The criminal case is at Kentron and Norq Marash court. Mkhitar Papoyan is the assigned judge replacing initially assigned judge Armen Khachatryan from January 11th of current year.
The case was opened on February 6th. S Hovakimyan was arrested and brought to Police station of Kentron twice. S Hovakimyan was tortured inhumanly to force testify against himself and his friends, which he did not do at the time. Please note no proper paperwork was filed of these arrests. S Hovakimyan was called to Internal Affair of Yerevan 3rd time on February 6th with presumably conversation reason, where he was tortured physically and mentally for 9 hours. S Hovakimyan was not given his rights or a lower. The evidence shows that the foundation for this case is inhumanly force self testify, which also led to arrest of V Kerobyan.
S Hovakimyan announced during the first court session that the testimony is forced, made up lie and no evidence has been filed by investigator or prosecutor, but court decided to arrest him and ignored the announcement.
S. Hovakimyan announced later in the court that the testimony has written under physical and mental torture. “3-4 investigators bit me up, took my shoes of and started biting under-need my feet with police bats, then kicked my head with boots. Then they brought me to the department chief Antonyan, who instructed them to continue harder, to take my clothes off to humiliate, also arrest my girlfriend Gohar.”
Judge Armen Khachatryan not only did not proceed with the victims testimony of torture, also denied the cooperation of assigned lowers Tigran Safaryan and Givi Hovhannisyan to the investigation and evidence of testimony being totally made up.
The links above are Media published several articles that did not get any government official response.
Force self testimony by torture, arrest without evidence, a partial court session and no cooperation approve anticipation of the case destiny to no justification and nor discovering real criminal, but just execution based on no evidence, but just accusing side’s opinion.
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