To Tomas Hammerberg 2

Dear Mr. Hammarberg
On January 2011 during your visit to Armenia, via Stepan Danielyan we informed you on tortures against Stepan Hovakimyan in the scope of the criminal case. There were some developments in this case after your meetings with governmental representatives, particularly, Special Investigations Service of Armenia suddenly paid attention to the article called “Getting testimony by force” published in on 27.12.2010 and send it to the Internal Security Department of Police of RA for running an internal investigation. But, according to the several precedent decisions of  European court on investigation of ill-treatment cases,  RA legislation and CPT recommendations,  Special Investigations Service should prepare materials and initiate a criminal case based on the publication and run impartial investigation. The establishment of above mentioned service in RA based on the necessity of having independent and impartial body for investigating criminal cases on employees of Law Enforcement. We have fears that by running only internal investigation, they will try to “smother” the serious crime made.
Stepan Hovakimyan and his lawyer officially applied to the Special Investigation Service, presenting detailed report on fact of tortures taken place and demanded to initiate criminal case and to prosecute policemen who committed crimes.
We expect from you to continue supervising this case within the limits of your possibility, supporting reveal of committed serious crime and recover of violated rights of Stepan Hovakimyan.
P.S. After preparing this latter, on 15.02.2011 in ( there was published an article, that “as a result of the internal investigation, they found out that when S. Hovakimyan entered the Place of Detention Center of Yerevan City Police Department of RA and the Nubarashen Prison of Ministry of Justice of RA, there were not noticed or recorded any injuries in his body. The information on supporting S. Hovakimyan subjected to  physical and psychological pressures by the police officers haven’t  been obtained, both during primarily investigation, and during the investigation  by police officers, as a result the investigation materials are left without sequences and it was decided to return to it after the court trial, if needed”.
It is important to mention that during “the internal investigation” Stepan Hovakimyan /the supposed victim/ hasn’t even been interrogated and it is obvious for us on what kind of “materials” the Police conclusion was based on.
Tigran Safaryan
Lawyer of Stepan Hovakimyan

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